Sunday, June 5, 2011

Texas Chair Project at Ohio Craft Museum

My mini mosaic chair is traveling to Ohio with the Texas Chair Project and has a brief mention in paper.

Quoted from the Columbus Dispatch, full article link below.

Picture/Chair shown "Monologue by Stephen Daly

"For "The Texas Chair Project," Damian Priour sent miniature plaster chairs to dozens of fellow Texas artists with a request to return the favor and a rule that the artists reuse his 8-inch-cubed shipping box.

Eighty responded. Some delivered charming works that are little but otherwise functional - such as Holli Brown's sturdy tiled mosaic throne, Continuum; and William Canning's Small Comfort, in which coated steel creates a remarkable simulation of inflatable plastic.

Artists such as David Deming, placing a rickety chair on the back of a painted steel dog, exploited the small size by throwing practicality to the wind. Spikes or other damaging accessories formed elements of chairs by Sharon Kopriva; Eric McGehearty; and David Hesser, creator of the gorgeously dangerous Attack Chair."

Function takes back seat to frivolity in groupings of chairs at Ohio Craft Museum